These wonderful portraits seem to transform ordinary pets into strangely distorted beast straight out of a cartoon…more

Who doesn’t like numbers? I certainly do and so does Sabrina Smelko as demonstrated through her wonderful design project 365 Days of Type.

The worlds biggest photography competitions for action sports, Redbull’s Illume, is here back after its last outing three years agomore

Ruslan Khasonov first became interested in the interaction between oil and water when he was cooking one day and happened to combine soy sauce and olive oil witnessing their separation. This lead him to release this experimental video about the interaction between ink, oil and soap title ‘Pacific Light’ in which he has played around with differing consistencies of ink and soap to create the mesmerising effects you can see…more

Elizabeth Patterson challenged herself to recreate the beautifully complex formation of water droplets on rain-streaked windshields…more

French designer  Mike Wrobel  based in Tokyo, has re-imagined the characters of  Game of Thrones in a contemporary style of the 80s and 90s…more

Photographer Darren Pearson has been perfecting his long-exposure light painting techniques over the last few months…more

Shooting from doorless helicopters, west hollywood-based photographer gray malin has taken bird’s eye view images of the beach that capture the spirit of summer…more

New York design firm Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin (D.O.T.S.) created thisMassimal for the 2011 Beaux Arts Festival using 20,000 standard white zip ties.

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